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27.08.2016 02:48:32

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26.04.2016 20:30:16

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08.10.2015 19:06:43

Can't wait to drive the Tacoma Baja and see if it's the real deal!I've driven the Ford F-150 Raptor and gonodess, it's one of the best trucks I've ever driven I really hope this Baja TRD stands up to those standards!


19.09.2015 19:24:32

Do these cost control mesreaus include any steps to target the outrageously high c-section rate in Massachusetts? There is no reason that 30% of births in Massachusetts should be performed by c-section. Every c-section birth costs several thousand dollars more than a vaginal birth. (The last estimate I saw put it at about $7,000 more per birth.) Multiply that out, and you have potential savings in the tens of millions of dollars annually, possibly over one hundred million dollars.

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